QUESTION: How do you write?

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As I meet with book clubs, library groups, school groups, doing presentations and just talking about my writing, I really enjoy hearing and responding to the questions that everyone asks. I thought I would start sharing a few of those now and then. I'll start putting them here in our blog along with a link [...]

About J. B.

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J. B. Jamison is a life-long believer in the power of stories. First as a pastor, then educator, then creator of Centers for Innovation at multiple universities, and finally as the Director of a national Game and Simulation academic degree program, stories have played a central role in his work and have remained a passion [...]

Available NOW!

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In the midnight darkness north of New Orleans, the towboat’s routine trip up the Mississippi River becomes something far more deadly. Captain Charlie Graff is suddenly thrust into the middle of one of the most twisted domestic terrorist plots ever conceived. He has to use his skill as Captain to protect his crew, his boat, [...]

Now On Kindle!

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What can you do when you love to paint everything, but your dog just loves to run? A fun story for earlier listeners and early readers. I really enjoy seeing nicely done illustrations in books. However, one of the goals of this book is to show that you don’t have to be a professional artist [...]