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30 Day Adventure!

I have challenged myself to make at least one post each day for the next 30 days. To help it along, I will be collecting questions on our FB page and responding to them here in the blog. If you have questions you would like to ask about writing, my books, storytelling, publishing or self-publishing…feel free to post them on FB: @jamisonbooks


It bothers me that I spent so much time thinking about whether or not to write this message of thanks to Paul Findley, the former United States Representative from Illinois, who died last week. However, [...]

Day 30 A Dingo Eating a Shark and Two Snakes Making Love: My Self-Publishing Journey.

I didn't have to self-publish. I have traditionally published 5 or 6 books in the past, and when I realized I was actually writing my first novel one of those previous publishers asked to look [...]

Day 28 Towboat Captains and Other Interesting Characters

My post today isn't specifically about writing or books, about finding ideas, or about any of the other things I've blogged about so far. Today, I just want to write about a group of people [...]

Day 27 The Story Idea That Haunts Me!

As I have researched ideas for stories, I have come across things that have concerned me. But, there is one story-seed I came across that just scared me, and continues to scare me today. Distraction, [...]

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