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For information about speaking, consulting or with questions or comments about books…

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J. B. Jamison is available for face-to-face and online programs and interviews. Face-to-face programs and book signings are usually limited to locations within a one day driving distance of Central Illinois.

Possible topics for programs include:


  • Writing Disruption.
    We answer the questions: Did you use an outline to write? What research did you do? How did you create the characters and are they based on real people? What was the most difficult part of writing Disruption? Is there anything you would change in the story now that it is finished? How did you actually write the book – did you write everyday? Did you use a computer?

  • Why I self-published Disruption, and how I will avoid the bruises next time.
    I’ve published traditional books before, and originally planned to do it again with Disruption. I can explain why I self-published this time, what steps I followed to find an editor and printer, how we sorted out the issues of Amazon/Kindle and how we are doing our marketing. Our approach may not be content for a perfect “How To…” book, but we’ve learned a lot of things we will and WON’T do next time!


  • How I Write.
    We answer the questions: Where do you get your ideas? How much time do you spend writing? How and where do you write? Do you know how the story is going to end as you write it? How do you deal with writer’s block? Where do you get your characters? We’ll use my experience writing Disruption to give my answers to the question that every writer is asked. I’ll also explain how I went from “I have a couple of chapters” to “I have written a novel!” I went from struggling over a few pages a week to writing chapters instead. One little change in my thinking made the difference.

  • Creating a good story.
    For me, when all is said and done, writing fiction comes down to just writing a good story. There are things like plot, and characters, and structure, and more, but the real focus is on how those individual pieces work together to create a mental experience for the reader. How did I try to keep the focus on the story while creating Disruption?

  • The power of story: in education, business and life in general.
    As a pastor, game designer, educator, instructional designer, business leader, and now writer, I’ve used ‘story’ to try and create meaningful experiences for those I’ve worked with. That effort led to my creating TranceFormational Learning(R), a way to create learning and training activities that engage learners in ways that increase motivation, retention and learning. Let’s talk about how we’ve done that, and how you can do it too.


  • My Family Stories.

    A sharing of stories about some of my favorite family members and experiences growing up in a river town. I’ll talk about Uncle Peacock, Grandpa “Happy”, and the amazing guys in the storm drain. I’ll tell you about “Duke” the dog who ran, the cement lawn roller archaeological site, and how I learned Physics with a garden hose.

Thank you!

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