Ahhh, Editing…

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While there may not be any real "secrets" that work for every author, I found one of mine this week. Like many other writers I hear from, especially those attempting to self-publish, doing the formal editing of the Disruption has been a real challenge. I did several initial edits myself, used a top-rated piece of [...]

Just What IS a Towboat?

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There are container ships, tankers, tugboats and more, so just what is a towboat? Here is a photo with a very basic explanation. This photo shows a 'boat' pushing a 'tow' of 'barges'. These are covered barges, maybe carrying grain or other cargo being protected from the weather. This might be a typical [...]

Now On Kindle!

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What can you do when you love to paint everything, but your dog just loves to run? A fun story for earlier listeners and early readers. I really enjoy seeing nicely done illustrations in books. However, one of the goals of this book is to show that you don’t have to be a professional artist [...]