Agent Emily Graham is who she is today because of her family, her friends, and colleagues, and because of her absolute belief that everyone should be treated fairly. She sees it as her role to make sure those who do unfair things pay a price. She is a woman being true to her beliefs.

But, what happens when someone decides that their beliefs are the only acceptable ones, and everyone else, including Emily Graham, must bow their heads and surrender to them? What happens when, one by one, those things Emily believes in are shaken: her belief in family, her belief in friends and colleagues, and even her belief in her role as protector of fairness?

Emily Graham has faced difficult times before, but in this third book of the series, the greatest battle is a personal one. Will she bow? Will she survive? If she survives, who will she become?

In this third battle with a powerful enemy, Emily Graham is faced with completely redefining her life, as she finds herself living in a world of…Disbelief!

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The Skwerdlock is always fun to be with, and is always curious and excited to try new things. The Skerdlock watches everything you do and then likes to try it all. Because of that, the Skwerdlock is a great friend to have around.

The Skwerdlock would never do anything to hurt anyone or to cause any problems. But sometimes, just being a Skwerdlock means that strange things can happen when a Skwerdlock is nearby. This little story is a friendly reminder of what can happen when a Skwerdlock is around.

But, mostly, the Skwerdlock is just an excuse to curl up in the recliner or sofa with your favorite early reader or listener and smile together.

And, if the illustrations seem a bit “amateurish”, that’s something Pops and the Skwerdlock have done intentionally. They both love really nice illustrations, but they also want to remind your young storytellers they don’t have to be “perfect” to create a really good story.

Just remember, “Never Take A Skwerdlock to the Doctor!”

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J. B. Jamison – Fiction

About Disruption

Emily Graham – Book 1

“One of the most twisted domestic terrorist plots ever conceived.”

“One of those rare books you come across that creates a world within the world which pulls you back into it.”

“A story with more twists and turns than the river that carries it.”

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About Distraction

Emily Graham – Book 2

Once again, Agent Emily Graham finds herself in the role of having to uncover the truth of what is happening, who is behind it, and how to stop it.

And once again, she discovers that, sometimes, what you see and hear is not reality. It is just…Distraction!

“A good read, intrigue, and in today’s world a totally possible scenario.”

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Pops Jamison – Young Readers and Listeners

About I Can’t Paint My Dog!

We all have problems, but not all like this one! For young readers and listeners.

“A simple story with simple words…simply fun!”

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About Meet the Skwerdlock!

Take the ears of an elephant and a nose of a hog…add the mouth of a crocodile, the neck of a giraffe…and what have you got? Meet the Skwerdlock!

“We now have a new bedtime routine…with the Skwerdlock!”

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About I Saw the Skwerdlock!

As “Pops”, John shares the stories he told his daughter years ago, and now tells his grandchildren today. Stories of fun and wonder, sometimes crazy, but always with a smile.

“I Saw the Skwerdlock” is the second Skwerdlock story created to help spark a love of books, help learn a few words, and just have an excuse to sit in the recliner and enjoy time together.

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John B. Jamison – Non-fiction

A collection of six old time radio plays written to be used as “a different kind of message” in a Sunday evening Lenten series. A mix of mystery and humor with a meaning.

Just Six Simple Stories for performance or personal devotional.


What happens when you replace the traditional, three-point sermon with the power of story? You get fuel for your imagination that brings old messages to life. Time’s Up takes a unique look at the story of Christmas and the events around it.

For a preacher looking for something different, or for anyone wanting to take a new look at the old stories.

See what can happen to faith when we get out of the way and just sit and imagine how things took place. A unique experience of Lent and Easter through the eyes of a storyteller.

“I used this in my study group and we had a great time!”

Because their writers were called on to assist the early faith communities in coping with a variety of problems, the New Testament epistles are chock-full of timeless lessons on living the Christian faith. In this extensive anthology of enlightening sermons, five eminent preachers apply the nourishing teachings of the epistles to today’s complex challenges. With messages included for the entire church year, there’s a wealth of ideas and illustrative stories helpful for preaching, teaching, and meditation.

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