We’re excited! Lots going on today! I am working on the illustrations next Skwerdlock book for young readers and listeners, and making progress on the third Emily Graham book…working title of “Disbelief”. Yes, I seem to have a “thing” for titles that begin with “Dis…”

And…and…today officially kicks-off our new relationship with JKS Communications in Nashville, TN. It feels like we’re jumping into the deep end of the pool here as we begin this big PR adventure. We are going to learn a LOT!

And…and…one more just for good measure. As we’ve been getting out and meeting with writer’s groups and library book clubs I have enjoyed the questions that come up…about Disruption, Distraction, and writing in general. So, I’m going to start using our JamisonBooks Facebook page as a way to hear and answer more questions anyone might have. We’ll kick that off this week and just see what happens.

If you have a question about my books, or about writing in general, head on over to our Facebook page and ask away! I may not be what you would call an “expert”, but I can sure give you a glimpse into how I do things…if you dare look inside there…

– John